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We are pleased to have the recording of the Polluter Pays Conference ready now. We are very grateful to the speakers and everyone who took the time to attend. You can watch the conference just below.

The United Kingdom has been experiencing a housing crisis for several years already. There’s a lot of reasons why that is the case; the continuous rise in price of properties, the shortage of housing supply across the country, and the rise in rent costs to unaffordable degrees - amongst other notable reasons - all contribute to the extreme housing crisis in the UK. According to Building Safety Crisis, an organization concerned with the safety and security of buildings, many UK citizens and families may find themselves unable to find stable accommodations and even face homelessness if the crisis is not dealt with sooner. This issue has evolved into a complex and multifaceted challenge that demands urgent attention and comprehensive solutions.

The Key Issues


Owning a home has become a distant dream for a significant portion of the population. Rising property prices (especially in urban areas) have created a huge barrier to entry for first-time buyers and young families. Constraints in regards to affordability extend to the rental market, where high costs and limited availability contribute to housing instability. Even if people can receive and send money in seconds with the right payment solution (ex. PayPal and Paxum) from loved ones working overseas, affordability is still a pressing issue everyone has to deal with.

Supply and Demand

The UK’s overall population continues to increase over the years, which means the need for proper housing is rising as well; however, the demand for it far exceeds the available supply. This has resulted in inflated property prices, and thus a competitive market was born. A shortage of new homes exacerbates the crisis, perpetuating a cycle of limited options and heightened costs.

Quality and Safety

Concerns over the quality and safety of housing are also a big deal. Incidents involving unsafe cladding, inadequate fire safety measures, and substandard building practices have raised questions about the well-being of residents and the accountability of stakeholders.

Possible Solutions

Policy Reforms and Collaborative Effort

Collaboration among policymakers, industry experts, advocacy groups, and community organizations is essential to reshape the housing landscape. Policymakers especially play a vital role, since comprehensive policy reforms will be needed to incentivize the construction of affordable homes and promote sustainable urban planning in the community.

As an example, Building Safety Crisis main founder Steve Day is fighting for the amendment of the Polluters Pays Bill to the Building Safety Bill. The Polluters Pays Bill states that a builder must pay for fire safety defects if the building was not built in line with regulations at the time of construction. If officially put into the law, every building - housing included - will be assessed to ensure that they are safe for use.

Addressing Housing Supply Problems

An increase in the supply of housing in the UK - from affordable homes to social housing - will be vital in addressing the housing crisis. The actions that need to be taken include streamlining planning processes, repurposing underutilized spaces, and incentivizing developers to create homes that align with the needs of the population. More homes made, more demands addressed - and thus property and rental costs go down significantly.

In Conclusion

The UK housing crisis has affected countless individuals and families across the country. Tackling this crisis will require united effort and commitment from various parties in order for safe, affordable, and quality housing to be accessible to all. The Building Safety Crisis organization is only one of many groups who wish to find a resolution to this situation, and they hope that someday this crisis can be resolved as soon as possible.

There is overwhelming support for the Polluter Pays amendment from affected leaseholders across the country. Please follow this link for more support videos.

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