Building Safety Crisis has been set up by leaseholders affected by the “Cladding Crisis”. This crisis has widened far beyond just the cladding and is now a Building Safety Crisis. Government has so far struggled to come up with a solution to help protect the innocent victims of this crisis. Changes made to regulations and law so far have actually made the situation worse for leaseholders. In almost every instance the financial liability is thrown onto the leaseholder to fix the buildings shortcomings, might they be the cladding, or defects because of breaches of the building regulations at the time of construction.

As Building Safety Crisis, our first campaign is to fight for the implementation into law of the “Polluters Pays” Bill. The initiative for the bill comes from the residents of the Royal Artillery Quays, in particular Steve Day, who has spent over 6 months of his life going through law after law to find a way out of his situation. He has doggedly campaigned bishops, members of the House of Lords and government to get attention for his idea. Dr Liam Fox took up this bill and tried to introduce it as an amendment to the Fire Safety Bill when it went through Parliament. It was never introduced, and the Fire Safety Bill is now an act. Then the lobbying started again, this time to try to get Dr Liam Fox to table it as a Private Members Bill. This is where our campaigning for the bill started. We are firm believers that this bill is the way out of this crisis for Government and leaseholders (the innocent party). Dr Fox has in the meantime tabled a different bill, the Down Syndrome Bill, on the 16th of June 2021. He remains committed to the “Polluters Pays” Bill which he believes should be a part of the Building Safety Bill, which will go through Parliament in this session.
Present efforts are targeted towards the advancement and Government adoption of the Polluter Pays principle (in the Building Safety Bill). We are determined and committed to bring as many of the UK public, media and Government on board that this is the only right and equitable solution.

The scandal has thrown a real spotlight on the injustices of the leasehold system and have opened our eyes well and truly. Both being Shared Owners we intend to campaign on many of the injustices in the system and a move towards commonhold, where people would really own their flats.

We aim to raise awareness in order to instill a cultural and legislative change within the current Leasehold system, with a particular focus on the approach taken for all housing in the UK (Social and Private).

We are working very closely together with Steve Day and the residents of the Royal Artillery Quays. The “Polluter Pays” proposal was initiated by them and they have lobbied hard to get the bill taken seriously. They don’t have a website but they can be found on Twitter here and here.

The website was set up by Deepa Mistry and Peter Mengerink.