How the Bill works

How the Bill works

We will be releasing the bill clauses/explanatory notes/human rights assessment as soon as we can. In the meantime – here is how the bill will protect leaseholders from remediation and interim costs.

  • Does not delay remediation or government upfront funding.
  • No litigation for leaseholders – government handles redress on their behalf.
  • Recovers interim and remediation costs in FULL from those responsible for defective buildings.

The approach has been backed by the following in addition to 14 backbench MPs and has already been tabled twice in parliament but not yet debated. Legal Work conducted by Daniel Greenberg (Parliamentary Counsel) operating in a private capacity.

  • It will also ensure all companies keep to building regulations going forward as they will be made to PAY IN FULL for breaching building regulations instead of being let off with LEVIES.
  • Goes after parent companies if ‘polluting’ company no longer exists.
  • 2 levies where no responsible party can be found for defective buildings.
  • Public money saved for non-defective buildings.
  • Emergency grants for leaseholders now!
  • The purpose of the bill is to ensure ALL leaseholders get grants for remediation work by ensuring we extract the maximum amount of money from those who have broken building regulations instead of relying on just levies.

While we are working with government we cannot release the text, but what we can do is share a more in-depth explanation of how the bill will deal with some of the raised concerns. This explanation was brilliantly done by Lord Lytton in the HOL on the 4th of November, in his speech. Please watch the clip for a fuller understanding of our amendment.