National day of protests this saturday!

National day of protests this saturday!

This saturday there will be a new day of national protests across the UK by leaseholders affected in the #BuildingSafetyCrisis. Leaseholders rightly feel that government and the construction industry are not doing enough to solve this crisis. Government has the chance to end our anguish by making sure the Building Safety Bill going through Parliament has provisions in it to safeguard leaseholders of the financial burden this crisis has created.

There are many leaseholders up and down this country, who are the innocents, in this crisis which has developed all around them. From out of nowhere their homes were declared unsafe and dangerous. On top of this distressing news, they were also told that they would be financially liable for the remediation of these problems.

The crisis extended even further. Secondary industries started to self-protect and take advantage of the created situation. All to the detrement of the leaseholder in the middle. Building insurance premiums increased, sometimes by a 1000% or more, waking watch services were installed in these unsafe buildings, the homes became unsellable and unmortgageable, meaning people are stuck in their unsafe homes.

The strain on many of the leaseholders affected is becoming to great and it is time to say to goverment and industry; “Enough Is Enough”.

Please join us on Saturday 30th of October at a protest near you (Find one to join here). If there is no protest near you, please find a local sales office and engage with potential buyers to what might happen to them should they purchase a leasehold. Alternatively you can join the online rally.

It is still not to late to organise a rally, if you do, please coordinate with Chloe or Joanna from Action for Fire Safety Justice. You can find more information in this post.

Steve Day from the Polluter Pays will be joining the protest in Bristol and the Building Safety Crisis team will be joining the London City Hall Protest. We leave you with Steve his message for saturday.