Open letter to all Professional Bodies

This is an appeal letter to Professional Bodies with members that may face potential bankruptcy; and as a result, loss of career, income, license and livelihood.

For example, if you are an Accountant with ACCA, you can use this template to write and alert them to the Building Safety Crisis. Use it to create awareness, build support and reach out to others who may also be affected. It would be ideal to be given assurances regarding Bankruptcy, unfortunately policies differ between bodies and ensuring they are aware of numbers of impacted members could be key to receiving support. It is important they show unity to the victims of this crisis and back the Polluter Pays bill proposal.

Dear [[ Professional Body of the XYZ Industry ]],

Please forward this letter to the CEO

We are writing to you about the Building Safety Crisis gripping our country. As a Professional body it is almost inevitable that you have members who are impacted facing unaffordable costs and potential bankruptcy relating to the remediation of buildings that are affected.

Many buildings will now have had an intrusive survey to establish fire safety problems. In many instances breaches of the building regulations at the time of construction will have been found and building owners are locked in conversations with the developer in how to rectify these problems and who should pay for them. Government has left the industry to provide the resolution to make buildings safe for residents, an unworkable situation, which leads to delays and potential litigation as to where liabilities falls.

We believe that the solution to this problem is the “Polluter Pays” bill. A solution brought forward by leaseholders affected. The bill as an amendment to the Building Safety Bill would take the financial strain from leaseholders who are your members.

There is considerable political, industry and public support for this to become law, we really need your voice to add to this injustice.

We strongly believe this is the way out of the current impasse for government, leaseholders, building owners and management alike and therefore we call on your support for this bill proposal. We are asking government to introduce this as part of the upcoming Building Safety Bill and if needed it could bring it forward as emergency legislation to speed up the release of money.

We would ask two actions from you, they are:

  1. Please write to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Michael Gove to support the scheme. (
  2. Show support publicly for our proposal. Let your affected members know you are on their side, they need it, the mental health effects, and the financial strain on them is incredible. Ask your members to support our campaign and ask them to write to their local MP. We have a template letter on our website here ( and be vocal about your support for the bill proposal in your publications and on your social media channels.

The time has come to finally end this crisis in an equitable way. You can find out more about the bill proposal on our website ( We would answer any of your queries happily, so please do contact us.

With Kind Regards

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