Open letter to MPs

We have written an open letter to MPs to drum up support for our bill proposal. Please take a few minutes to write to your MP to ask them to support our campaign. You can use our letter directly or use it is as inspiration for your own words. You can find your local MP’s details via this website.

Dear [your mp name],

I am writing to you regarding the recently introduced Building Safety Bill.

Would you support the Polluter Pays Bill being included in the Building Safety Bill? The Bill has been drafted by Daniel Greenberg (a barrister specialising in legislation) and it contains emergency clauses to help leaseholders now. The bill is seriously considered for inclusion into the Building Safety Bill, as confirmed by Lord Greenhalgh in the House of Lords (clip link below). The aim of the bill is to act as a lever, to collect as much money of the Polluter so that Government can use the 5.1 billion already commited to where no regulations were broken but changes are needed. Government could then do away with the height restriction and loan idea.

The bill aims to prevent the costs of remediating fire safety defects from being passed onto leaseholders. Although the Government plans to levy developers, the sums it expects to receive—£2 billion over the next decade—are dwarfed by the costs of remediation. It has been estimated that it will cost £15 billion to remediate all buildings over 18m. It would also be far more just if these responsible parties paid in full (not just a levy) for remediating any buildings that didn’t meet building regulations in force at the time of construction (defective buildings).

It is so vital we get urgent financial relief for leaseholders who are bearing huge unaffordable monthly costs (waking watch/insurance hikes) plus bills for other fire safety defects other than cladding. These costs aren’t currently covered by government support.  It is extremely urgent these are covered, as we are seeing people being pushed into depression, reported suicides and many potential bankruptcies. We need to act politically as fast as possible to prevent a huge injustice affecting 4 million people.

Please don’t let the builders get away with a £2 billion tax over ten years without first checking if the buildings are defective and making them pay in full if they are. Why should the taxpayer pay for defective buildings?

The Bill is also vitally important moving forwards, as there are no limitations to it, it will force developers to build according to regulations, as it will come back to them if they do not.

More information about the bill can be found here:
You can find an interview with Steve Day on Radio 4 here:
Lord Greenhalgh confirming to the House of Lords that Goverment is actively looking into our Bill can be found here:

and here:

Kind regards,

[your details]