Open letter to MPs and Peers

We have written an open letter to MPs and Peers to drum up support for the Polluter Pays Amendment. Please take a few minutes to write to your MP and to Peers to ask them to support the amendment. You can use our letter directly or use it is as inspiration for your own words. You can find your local MP’s details via this website and contact details for members of the House of Lords can be found here.

Dear [your mp name],

It is with great pleasure I can confirm the Polluter Pays Amendment has been tabled by the Earl of Lytton in the Lords yesterday (16th of February). The name used is “Perpetrator Pays” due to parliamentary rules!

The amendment is here:

Why is it needed?

Current government amendments rely on builders who have built dangerous fire trap flats to pay on a ‘Voluntary’ basis without finding of fault, to remediate these buildings. This means there is a great risk that those responsible for bad building will never change their behaviour and future Grenfell’s will be repeated. It also means they may refused to pay the required funds or their investors will ‘help’ them make this decision. We need to change the culture once and for all with the Polluter Pays Amendment which simply makes builders fully liable for bad building, no voluntary payments, full recovery after they have been found to be at fault (outside of the courts by the government) for breaking building law at the time of construction.

There are also classes of leaseholders excluded from the protection offered by the government. Leaseholders who own more than 2 flats, leaseholders in buildings below 11m and home buyers wanting to buy flats that have fire safety defects. Leaseholders are being excluded because there isn ’t enough money from the ‘Voluntary’ scheme, we need to make the builders pay in full for breaking the law to remove all these exclusions.

For these reasons I feel polluter pays is the most just way out of this crisis and prevents future disasters from happening.

You can find a video explaining all this on twitter!

You can find more information on and on the twitter accounts just below.

Find Steve Day here:
and Building Safety Crisis here:

I hope I can rely on your support for the amendment.

Kind regards,

[your details]