Open letter to the Construction Industry

Open letter to the Construction Industry

Please use the letter below to write to your builder/developer, either as inspiration or copy it.

Thanks to Mark Azavedo for driving this initiative with other leaseholders. You can find more information and tips in the following thread



I hope you are good. I write to openly request that you support the call to embrace the Polluter Pays “Bill” as an amendment to the Building Safety Bill. We live at a point, a COVID affected point, when we are all stakeholders in exactly the same desire, that for stability and predictability being re-introduced to life. Actually, at any time we want assuredness, risks managed and hopefully minimised. That is all of us, you, me, those who buy from you or are thinking of doing so, your shareholders and your employees.

Universal human cravings because we all care that our lives are secure and sustainable, including that our businesses have a secure, sustainable future into the long-term.

Just a few bullet points on Polluter Pays and what it might mean for your business:

  • Polluter Pays adoption represents predictability for all stakeholders in the building safety arena. By ensuring building regulations are enforced with full redress if they are not, we can restore trust in the construction industry for customers, lenders, insurers, investors and wider society as a whole.

  • Polluter Pays, of its long-term and absolutely crystal clear nature would, hopefully, improve trust between the various stakeholders. That is currently lacking, a poor backdrop to future relationships and sales. Corporate industry in general is facing a crisis of trust – how much more so in the housing industry? Things have become very much “us” and “them”. What a falsehood, not least in that in these days of tracker fund dominance today’s leaseholder is also today’s shareholder. Whichever hat I wear I would prefer that today’s meeter and greeter at a development sales office were a beaming, happy leaseholder, rather than a disgruntled person picketing the place, maybe even causing office closure. Simply a value of positive PR point. And avoidance at all cost of reputational damage.

  • Polluter Pays offers fit into a growing constellation of legislation, in fact not just in UK but also globally. It is buying into the future, including future expectations of customers and citizens more generally.

  • Polluter Pays longevity in building safety will, precisely, be guaranteed by its “fit” into a wider constellation of Polluter Pays-based legislation, so back to points around sustainability, certainty and comfort zones for all stakeholders be that customers, your shareholders, your employees and, of course, the employees of others who you contract with.

Kicking the can down the road – until the next time – makes no sense from anybody’s point of view. Unfortunately the building safety bill as it stands whilst a fair representation of Dame Judith Hackitt’s 2018 Independent Review simply doesn’t cover all relevant matters. The Polluter Pays Bill closes one gap thoroughly and with consistency in the developing tradition of polluter pays legislation. I do hope that you will feel able to support it and to make your support known in the public arena by backing the Polluter Pays Bill.

It has been backed by ARMA and widely welcomed by a growing number of stakeholders.

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Many thanks for your time

Best regards