Overview of protest action + Polluter Pays on “tour”

Overview of protest action + Polluter Pays on “tour”

On Saturday the 30th of October there was another day of successful protest action across the country to raise awareness of the plight of people caught up in the Building Safety Crisis. From Bristol via Ipswich, Milton Keynes and the East End of London all the way to Strasbourg leaseholders came out to show our political leaders we need changes to the law to end our predicament.

Steve Day joined the rally organised in Bristol and was one of the speakers. He happily took this opportunity to explain the Polluter Pays amendment in detail to the people attending. Many thanks to Steph Pike for organising this protest and allowing Steve a slot.

These protests should make government and developers realise we will not go away. Our homes need to be remediated at no cost to us. They should have never been able to have been sold to us in the first place.


Barking, East London


London City Hall

Upton Park, East London

Ipswich Waterfront