Political support for the Polluter Pays Bill

Political support for the Polluter Pays Bill

Delighted with high profile support of our bill proposals, this will put added pressure on Boris Johnson and his government to do right by leaseholders. If you have not done so yet write to your MP to make them aware of the solution to the financial question over who should pay for the Building Safety Crisis and that a ready made statute has been written to implement the solution. You can find an example letter to your MP here.

The Earl of Lytton

Graham Tomlin (Bishop of Kensington)

Baroness Kath Pinnock (Lib Dems)

Grenfell United

Lord Greenhalgh – Minister of State (Minister for Building Safety and Communities)

Ted Baillieu (former Premier of Victoria, Australia)

Dr Liam Fox MP

Bishop of St Albans

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Reverend Richard Coles