Polluter Pays Amendment tabled in the House of Lords

Polluter Pays Amendment tabled in the House of Lords

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that yesterday evening (16th of February) the Polluter Pays Amendment was tabled by the Earl of Lytton. The amendment can be found in the PDF file at the bottom of this article. Due to parliamentary rules the name used is the “Perpetrator Pays” instead of “Polluter Pays”.

We believe the amendment is the fullest, fairest way to bring justice in the Building Safety Crisis. The proposed government amendment relies on voluntary contributions from the builders without finding fault. It also does not deal with buildings under 11 meters and differentiates between leaseholders, where buy to let and leaseholders with a share of the freehold are discriminated against. This goes against Governments own promises. It is highly unlikely too that enough money will be collected in this way to deal with the crisis.

We very much seek the support of everyone now to get behind the Polluter Pays Amendment and contact peers in the House of Lords to seek their support and your local MP. We have an open letter here, which can be used as inspiration. Please use social media channels as much as possible too, to show support for the amendment.

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