The Polluter Pays Bill vs “Polluter Pays” Tax

The Polluter Pays Bill vs “Polluter Pays” Tax

Press statement Monday 19th July 2021

Over the weekend the Government again tried to pull the wool over leaseholders eyes by releasing a statement to the press of a “new” levy on developers. Interestingly they call it the “Polluter Pays” Tax. Our proposal, the Polluter Pays Bill, is getting traction, and is undergoing consideration by MHCLG.

In a clear indication that the Polluter Pays Bill is starting to gain support as the solution out of this crisis, which is affecting so many people directly or indirectly. Our “Polluter Pays Bill” being mentioned in the Sunday Mirror (18th July 2021) and Government (“Polluter Pays” Tax) using the same wording in the Daily Mail (18th July 2021) is no coincidence. The name is a rehashed initiative after our bill proposal. Sadly, we believe it is done to confuse the public and give the impression that these two different approaches are the same. They are NOT!!!

Polluter Pays Tax (Government approach)Polluter Pays Bill (Leaseholder proposal)
Allows developers to get off LIGHTLY with
£2bn levy over 10 years

Makes GOOD builders pay for BAD builders

Makes INNOCENT taxpayers pay £10bn

Let’s all those responsible for building regulation
breaches (non-compliant INSTALLATIONS/MATERIALS)
off with £2bn tax instead of paying in FULL
Targets ALL the responsible parties

Does NOT DELAY remediation work

Provides FUTURE consumer protection against bad
building and materials

The correct solution “Polluter Pays Bill”

The Polluter Pays Bill is the lever to take the exact money to make right defects to buildings which were caused by companies not living up to the minimum standard of regulation and law. A levy as proposed again by Government will not collect anywhere near the correct amount of money needed from the “polluters”, which leaves the remaining bill in the hands of either taxpayers or leaseholders. This would lead to yet more political moving by Government between the taxpayer or leasehold debates, as if they are not one and the same.

Government seems to be unwilling to make the construction industry pay for past mistakes. Their Gateway 2 Levy of £2bn is over too long a period of time and remediation should be happening NOW. Unfortunately many projects are being delayed while there is uncertainty on who will pay the bill for remediation, which is why the Polluter Pays Bill is a necessity for leaseholders and the housing market alike. LETS GET IT IN THE BUILDING SAFETY BILL!